Ustad Imrat Khan

The Great Heritage

The Guardian of The Great Heritage

GUARDIAN OF THE GREAT heritage of a centuries-old family tradition, instrumental performer of international renown, musical ambassador of his country, teacher, creator and innovator—Imrat Khan has very few peers in the world today. He has established his reputation not only by an absolute mastery of two different instruments, the sitar and the surbahar, but also by the consistent purity and integrity with which he presents every aspect of the great Indian classical genres, spanning the whole spectrum of feeling and expression, from grave and meditative to light – hearted and playful, from serene to heroic, devotional to romantic. He is a consummate musician whose art is based on the deepest insight into the melodic subtleties of rag and the rhythmic intricacies of tal. His breathtaking virtuosity, always used with unerring taste and profound musicality, is placed at the service of a brilliantly inventive wit, which communicates a generous humanity reaching across to audiences of widely different cultures and turns each performance into an unforgettable experience.