Ustad Imrat Khan

Indian Classical Music

Glossary of Terms used in Indian Classical Music

All singing and vocal classical music is gayaki. Gayaki Gharanas arexi musical dynasties of singers.
The original, purest form of singing. Dhrupad keeps all the strict regulations of the rag and is executed slowly at first, then at a medium pace and ends in the fast phrases. Every note is represented by a syllable.
A faster style of singing which evolved from Dhrupad. Kheyal allows an imagination and freedom of expression whilst still retaining the discipline of the Rag.
A Thumri is the expression of romanticism. It is a romantic and melodic style of singing and instrumental music much of which is based on the poems of Radha and Krishna, the divine and legendary lovers.
Dhun and Bhajan
The Thumri developed into these lighter styles of music which are completely freestyle.
Singing in the instrumental style of a sitar
Sitar ang
An Instrumental style developed on the sitar which concentrates mostly on the right hand strokes and speed of playing the instrument.
Surbahar ang
An instrumental style developed on the surbahar which is based on the Dhrupad style of playing. The music is restricted by the rules of the Raga and moves from slow to fast pace.
Gayaki ang
A technique created by the sideways pulling of a string on a fret, developed for instruments to emulate the human voice.